Annie sloan paris grey kitchen


Just wondering if it will be worth all the effort! The lacquer gives a nice matte shine.

Gipsowanie, wiercenie to juz oczywiscie zasluga mojego meza; Zreszta nie tylko to, bo pisze wszedzie 'robilam', 'malowalam' a tak naprawde to,' robilismy', 'malowalismy' I can't believe what you paid to have them painted years ago, and what you did looks just as good. Widzę, że jeszcze poszalałaś z ciemnym woskiem. The chalk paint is also very easy to sand smooth if you want them super smooth.

Width of main body: I was thinking of using Louis Blue but wondered if the Versaille Gray does look a bit blue or if it's just the lighting or the camera?

I just did it the next day. Wow Kim I have been absent from the blog world and didn't see the kitchen cabinets till tonight. I am thinking about doing a cabinet project and a table and the lacquer sounds perfect. I also have hinges on the outside so I an debating to leave stain nickel or paint!?.

I have not used the AS lacquer before, but the one Annie sloan paris grey kitchen use I have to do thin coats or it also leaves white spots.

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I love the AS lacquer - I like to use it on table and dresser tops. Thank you for the tutorial! Have a great week. Ja choruję na palladian blue, może się skuszę kiedyś ; A ciemnym woskiem postarzyłam białą szafkę - bardzo fajny efekt! I didn't paint the top ones. You are very talented.

  • Jesli ktos ma ochote poczytac wiecej o farbie Annie Sloan, odsylam do wczesniejszch postow, np tu. John, I didn't paint the other ones.
  • Gorgeous solid antique pine corner unit shabby chic'd in grey Annie Sloan paint £

Thanks in advance for taking time to reply and help me. Has lovely design to the base of the feet. I listed the lacquer and showed it in the photo of products. No way was I going to wax all the cabinets. Is Chateau Grey kind of sage green.

Pick up only, low start price as in need of quick sale. Your cabinets turned out incredibly beautiful! I don't always comment, but I always visit. Job done; I honestly can't think of any other paint I could use for painting MDF units, that would be so easy to use ,and which would give such a nice result:

What a terrific job you did. Did you paint the inside of the cabinet doors as well?. I LOVE the hardware on your cabinets - those drawer pulls are gorgeous.

Anonymous 19 October at I didn't use wax.

Pics of : Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Paris Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Good to know about the lacquer as I was considering CP for my bathroom vanity. I have been wanting to paint my kitchen cabinets for the longest time, but am having trouble talking hubby into it.

Instead of waxing I use General Finishes brand top coats on my projects. I am sure most of you is familiar with it already, but if not, check it out; We have also removed the old metal door handles, and replaced them with wooden door knobs.

Did you use the recommended AS round brushes, or do you have a preference for one particular type?

I'm so thrilled I found you. They are dress for succes amsterdam adres beautiful. I really liked the finish that they gave you. Gorgeous solid antique pine corner unit shabby chic'd in grey Annie Sloan paint I bought the stools at World Market a couple years ago, annie sloan paris grey kitchen. Not that I mind them, alleen jammer dat het geluidsniveau zo hoog was, maar wetenschappers zijn het daar niet allemaal mee eens.

Zostaj u Ciebie na duej. Did you wait 7 days after putting annie sloan paris grey kitchen the Valspar glaze before adding the second coat of lacquer.

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Baloska 19 October at I asked the owner of the store where I was looking to buy chalk paint about using the lacquer for kitchen cabinets and her advise was not to use it.

Absolutely gorgeous Kim~ thanks for the tutorial too! Here you can see the door on the left before the glaze and the right one is after.

Pine chest of drawers in white Annie Sloan paint in good used condition. They really do look amazing? It is just two of us here so I don't know for sure how well it wears if you have kids.

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